TJ1000D Series (5L)

TJ1000D high speed model is designed for high automation ,it can be highly automated with auxiliary equipment. Its maximum product volume is 5 litres. It is a double station equipment capable of assembling up to tetra-die heads. Blow molding of raw materials such as PE, PP, PVC, etc., Servo drive operation will be more stable, four cavity production speed is higher than 1400 per hour.

Specifications Unit TJ1000D
Maximum container capacity L 5
Empty cycle Sec 4
Number of die heads Set
Machine dimension (L*W*H) M 4.0×3.9×3.0
Clamping Unit  
Clamping force KN 90
Plate moving stroke mm 460
Mold opening stroke mm 296
Mold length mm 345
Mold width mm 440
Mold thickness mm 2×115
Power Unit  
Hydraulic pressure Bar 120/160
Air pressure MPA 0.6/1.0
Air consumption M3/min 1.8
Oil pump motor 1 KW 15
Oil pump motor 2 KW
Head heating power KW 4/6
Average energy consumption KW 30
Extruder Unit  
Screw diameter mm 70
Screw L/D Ratio L/D 24
Plasticizing capacity Kg/hr 85
Number of heating groups Groups 3
Total power KW 44
Extruder driving power KW 30
Die Head Unit  
Center distance of double-die mm 160
Center distance of tri-die mm 110
Center distance of tetra-die mm 85
Parts Brand From
Touch screen Gefran Italy
Parision control system Gefran Italy
Temperature control module Gefran Italy
PLC control system Gefran Italy
Servo transducer Gefran Italy
Servo valve Atos Italy
Hydraulic pump Yuken Japan
Hydraulic valve Yuken Japan
Frequency converters Emerson America
Pneumatic valve Festo Germany