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Pantong Machinery has been devoted to the research and development and manufacture of blow molding machine for 18 years. We are a professional manufacturer of blow molding machine from China. All models have passed the CE certification of the European Union. We have won the favor of many customers with our good quality, fast service and nice price.

TJ 2000D

High Speed Automatic Blow Molding Machine

  • ❖ Continuous Extrusion
  • ❖ Servo Control System
  • ❖ Double Station 6 Die Heads
  • ❖ GEFRAN 300 Point Parison Control System
China Blow Molding Machine

About Pantone Machinery

Pantong Machinery is located in Zhangjiagang City of China, which is close to Shanghai and the birthplace of blow molding machines in China. There are many manufacturers of blow molding machines in this city, but we have always maintained our advantages. Our core technologies include multi-layer co-extrusion, double-color co-extrusion, high-speed automation, axial and radial parison control, servo energy saving, large-scale product blow molding, special-shaped product blow molding and so on.

Blow Molding Products

Blow Molding ManuaL

Blow moulding is a common way of forming packaging containers. Blow molding is to put a tube or parison in a semi-molten state obtained by extrusion or injection moulding into a mold, and then close the mold, and introduce a compressed gas into the parison to extend and expand it to adhere to the mold. …


There are many manufacturers of extrusion blow molding machines, and the product models are complicated. For the manufacturer, there are many factors to consider when purchasing a suitable blow moulding machine. Here, we will introduce the main technical parameters of the extrusion blow molding machine for users to choose and use. The main technical …


DIRECTORY: 1. parison vertical stretching 2. parison neck portion narrow 3. parison overall crimping 4. parison edge rolled up 5. parison inflation and rupture 6. parison appear gas bubbles 7. parison leak 8. parison surface roughness 9. parison surface uneven 10. parison surface appears “Shark skin” 11. parison surface appear stripes 12. parison surface appears die core blotting 13. parison appear wrinkles 14. parison appear discoloration and uneven color 15. parison …


From the trend of market development, the production of many blow molding products such as plastic bottles, plastic drums, auto parts and industrial blow moulding products has become more large-scale, and various large, medium and small high-speed, stable, energy-saving and auxiliary equipments have been specialized. The perfect and fully automatic extrusion blow molding production line …


There are many methods for manufacturing plastic containers, such as extrusion blow molding, injection moulding, rotary molding, compression moulding, hot extrusion cold press molding. Among the molding methods of many plastic containers, hollow blow molding and injection moulding are the two most widely used molding methods. According to the introduction of blow molding machines, 80% …


Blow molding machine basic status check: In the case of a newly purchased extrusion blow moulding machine, inspection of the machine assembly should be carried out. After the equipment is installed according to the requirements of the manual, the entire unit should be calibrated, including the center position calibration of the blow molding …


Analysis of Common Faults and Causes of Screw and Cylinder of Blow Moulding Machine in Use Fault phenomenon Reasons and troubleshooting There is a scratching sound during operation 1. The center line of the barrel is bent to adjust the center height of the barrel 2. The barrel and the screw are not the …


The post-cooling system and the deflashing system are two important auxiliary devices for the hollow blow molding machine. This article describes the two devices. Blow Moulding Machine Products Post Cooling System post-cooling device mold cooling is the most common cooling type for extrusion blow molding. When the parison is inflated in the mold, the …


The storage type head is divided into a center feed type and a side feed type. Lateral feed is a very widely used method. In the storage type side feed hollow blow moulding machine, the function of the machine head is to fuse the melt and form a parison. The key to the fusion of …



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