Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

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PANTONE MACHINERY is located in Zhangjiang. Which is the birthplace of blow molding machine in China. There are many manufacturers of blow molding machines in this city. But we still have our advantages! hines in this city, but we have always maintained our advantages. Our core technologies include multi-layer co-extrusion, double-color co-extrusion, high-speed automation, axial and radial parison control, servo energy saving, large-scale product blow molding, special-shaped product blow molding and so on.
We work as a strong team and keep offering total project solutions to our plastic products manufacturers. Company’s extrusion blow molding machine quality is good and reliable. the working lifespan is more than 15 years. With continuous research and development, we are able to innovate new technologies on-customized machine models for customers’ demanding requirements. Our company currently has more than 30 models extrusion blow molding machine in four series for customers to choose, all models have passed the national quality certification and CE certification.


Small bottle blow molding machine are suitable for small products. It have high cost performance and stable output. Many beverage bottles, medicine bottles and detergent bottles manufacturers choose it for their starting model.


High speed blow molding machine is also suitable for small and medium-sized products. It has higher output capability than the energy-saving and standard models, higher automation and servo control are its characteristics.


Accumulator head blow molding machine are suitable for medium-sized products, such as toys, jerrycans, drums, Servo control makes it have a low failure rate and smooth operation.


Custom design blow molding machine are customized models that provide more extrusion blow moulding solutions for large products manufacturers. At present, our blow molding machine can produce hollow products up to 5000 liters and 2.5 meters long.

Our blow molding machine adopting GEFRAN Integrated Control System & 300 Points Parison Control & also achieved breakthroughs on Radial Thickness Control and 6 Layer Co-extrusion Technology. In addition, We also offer blow molds and auxiliary machine. We can help our customers for producing line layout and producing flow arrangement. Because “Trust is the result of quality”. So, PANTONE MACHINERY will Continuously improve product quality, perfect technical services to meet customer needs. Hopes to create nice future of plastic machin- ery Industry with clients from home and overseas. Therefore. Dealing with PANTONE extrusion blow molding machine manufacturer means your business and money in safe!We believe our good quality, nice price and effective after sale service will give you an edge over your competitors. Warmly welcome to establish long term cooperation relationship with us!.
Our R&D and manufacturing team is experienced. We have more than 15 years of experience in extrusion blow molding machine manufacturing. Our company keep introducing the latest foreign blow moulding technology and hired experts, engineers and technicians to strengthen our r&d team. To better ensure product quality and performance.
Our company provide extrusion blow molding machine design, manufacturing, overhauling, service & project solutions. We have mature technology for multi-layer co-extrusion, high speed and high automatic blow moulding machine for 5ML~5000L plastic hollow products. Such as bottles, jerrycans, kettles, tool boxes, water drum & chemical drums, plastic trays, vehicle pipe and tank, IBC tank, super large hollow blow molding products ect.