PTB82PC Series (Pure Bucket)

PTB82PC is a special equipment used to produce hollow products made of PC as raw materials, usually used in production. 5 gallon water bottle, lampshade, light bulb shell and other PC products, It is one shot process, Low noise and smooth operation, production speed for 5 gallon water bottle is higher than 60 per hour.

Specifications Unit PTB82PC
Clamping Unit
Clamping style Double traction bar/central clamping/linear guide
Platen size Mm 720×600
Mold opening stroke Mm 350-780
Traction bar numbers PCS 2
Platen accuracy % 0.08
Hydraulic cylinder numbers PCS 1
Cylinder diameter Mm 125
Clamping force Kn 176
Platen support Roller/Linear guide
Movement distance measurement Transducer/approximate switch

Platform lift

Model Hydraulic motor driving
Type Worm wheel/screw
Distance 200mm
Die head moving Driving hydraulic cylinders
Die head moving distance Mm 400
Stair height Mm 1800
Machine weight Ton 12
Extruder Unit
Barrel and screw material 38 C2MOALA/ Nitrid Surface
Rigidity ≥800
Fragility ≤2
Screw L/D Ratio 38
Screw diameter MM 82
Number of fan groups NO. 6
Fan power KW 0.18*6
Heater material Cast aluminium
Number of heating groups PCS 7
Heating power KW 20.2
Heating accuracy 1
Hopper Hopper drying 400kg equipped
Railing Fixing
Type of extrusion Intermittent extrusion
Die Head Unit
Die head type Continuously/Central feed/Vertically
Die head material 38 C2MOALA/ Nitrid Surface

Die head heaters

Material Stainless steel
PCS/KW 5/5
Precision ±1℃
Accumulating volume L 1.5
Measurement form Transducer
Maximum die head diameter MM 160
Parison control cylinder Move Distance 20mm
Hydraulic cylinder pressure MPA 12
Power Unit
Air switch power 200A
Cable 3 phases/4 wires/30㎡/copper core
Average energy consumption KW 42
Hydraulic Unit
Work principle Proportional pressure control, energy saving

Hydraulic pump

Model PV2R184
Flow 184ML/REV
Pressure 16MPA
Oil circuit filtering Circling oil/filtered feed oil
Hydraulic power KW 45
Loaded hydraulic oil Class 46#/340L
Parision Control Unit
Touch screen color True color
Touch screen dimension 10.4 inch
Response speed MM/SEC 1000
Formula saving NO. 100
Distance MM 20
Servo pressure MPA 14
Safety Protection Unit
Security gate NO. 4
Electric eyes NO. 2
Induction range MM 400
Emergency switch Emergency stop, restart / emergency opening button
Cooling Water And Pneumatic Unit
Built-in water circuit All connected before delivery
Water circuit inlet 2 lines, 3/4-inch tube
Cooling water consumption L/HR 4500
Air pipe material PU PIPE
Pneumatic valve NO. 4
Diameter MM 12
Pneumatic cylinder NO. 2
Compressed air consumption L/HR 1000
Compressure requested KG/CM 8
Robot arm Distance f/b 1000mm; Clamp distance 80mm
Bottom blowing system Lifting cylinder/10MPA
Sealing device Optional
Automatic deburring device Optional
PLC control system Mitsusbishi Japan
Temperature control module Mitsusbishi Japan
Servo valve Moog Japan
Parision control system Moog Japan
Frequency converters Emerson Germany
Hydraulic seal Valqua Japan
Intermediate relay Omron Japan
Pneumatic valve Smc Japan
Hydraulic valve and pump Yuken Japan
Pneumatic switch LG Korea
Motor Aoming China