Manufacturing time

Injection molding process tray has been developed in China for more than 20 years, has been developed in foreign countries for forty or fifty years, relatively speaking, the production process tends to mature and stable; Injection tray in the domestic development for four or five years, has just started, so in the production technology, manufacturing process is to be further improved.

Production equipment

Injection tray with large injection molding machine injection molding, the product is strong and durable. Blow molding tray blow molding machine blow molding, but in the process of manufacturing more material; For a single product manufacturing time, the injection of the tray time shorter.

product mix

Blow molding tray surface will have blow holes, the middle of all vacant, only the production of double-sided tray, can not produce a single side tray, and the product into the fork is generally used in the direction of the two to use; The surface of the injection tray can be divided into flat plate, grid and other shapes, the bottom of the Chuan word, Tian word, seven corners, nine feet and other structures, products can be produced on one side or both sides, can meet the needs of customers in different industries to use. Greater flexibility.

Use environment

Two different manufacturing processes, a direct impact on the use of the tray environment. Generally, blow molding tray is mainly used in harsh environment, high strength work, and the injection tray can be in: Flat base, three-dimensional library, cold storage and other kinds of environment and the use of the industry to meet the needs of different industries.

Production costs

At present, the cost of blow molding tray on the market is much higher than the cost of injection tray.

Industry distribution

Blow molding tray used mainly in the chemical industry; Injection tray in the food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, logistics and other industries, the use of relatively blow tray industry more widely.