The post-cooling system and the deflashing system are two important auxiliary devices for the hollow blow molding machine. This article describes the two devices.

Extrusion Blow Molding Machine Products Post Cooling System

post-cooling device mold cooling is the most common cooling type for extrusion blow molding. When the parison is inflated in the mold, the melt is pressed against the mold cavity wall, and the heat of the melt passes through the wall of the product and passes through the wall of the mold. The cooling medium is transferred and reduced, and the container is gradually cooled and shaped. The post-cooling device is a device that continuously cools the product after the preliminary cooling of the shaped product is taken out of the mold. This cooling method can reduce the cooling time of the product in the mold, shorten the production cycle and improve the efficiency.

For the actual needs of different products, the post-cooling system can be positioned and fixed-point cooled for different parts of the product (generally higher temperature parts). Cooling sources can also be divided into ordinary and low-temperature sources. For the characteristics of the machine itself, the aftercooling device can be integrated into the device or it can be placed separately as an auxiliary machine. The general small-sized hollow molding machine is mainly integrated after-cooling device, and the large-sized hollow molding machine is mainly composed of a post-column cooling molding device.

Figure 1 shows a station of an external post-cooling setting device for a 200L barrel. The mouth of the barrel is fitted with a mouth-shaped head to blow the circulating gas into the barrel to achieve the cooling of the barrel and the shaping of the upper and lower ends of the barrel and the barrel. In general, there will be 4-8 such stations in an external post-cooling installation. Controlled by a separate PLC controller, the sound and light will be prompted after the cooling process is completed.

Figure 2 is a schematic view of the integrated cooling device of the small hollow molding machine. The right side is the forming air blowing device, and the left side is the rear cooling device. After the product is clamped by the secondary mold of the mold, it is moved to the rear cooling station on the left side. The cylinder blows the air rod into the mouth of the product to blow the circulating gas to achieve re-cooling of the product.

Extrusion Blow Molding Machine Products Auto Deflashing System

The deflashing device is a device that removes excess waste from the mouth and bottom of the product after the product is formed. The deflashing device of the small hollow molding machine is generally mounted on the back plate of the mold, integrated with the mold, or mounted on the machine and separated from the mold. The deflashing device of a large blow molding machine is generally used as an independent auxiliary machine. There are two kinds of de-flashing devices for the mouth, one is to push the flashing edge directly, and the other is to rotate the incision, and the blade is rotated by the mounted blade to cut off the mouth flash.

  • Direct Push Type

Push the material block with a cylinder or cylinder and directly knock off the flash(Figure 3).

  • Rotary Cutter Type

As shown in Figure 4,  the blade is mounted on the tool holder, and the rack gear is driven by the upper cylinder to rotate the tool holder, thereby cutting off the flash. The bottle mouth that is cut out is flatter than the bottle mouth that pushes the fly side directly, and the deformation of the bottle is small, so that the sealing performance is better.

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