For a speeding car, installed in the rear spoiler plays a very important role. In addition to the beautiful decorative effect for the car, more important is spoiler can also effectively reduce the high speed passenger cars under the buoyancy and safeguard the stability of the car, while helping to save fuel.

Plastics because of its lightweight, beautiful and free design, easy processing, widely used in auto parts, while the ABS is widely used spoiler material. In general, common ABS material in the hollow blow molding process melt strength low, repeated processing of poor, prone to type slab melt strength is insufficient and the sagging fast, causing product yellow brittle, wall thickness and tube rupture defects.

Modified filler masterbatch by increasing the molecular chain entanglement, increasing rheological unit to realize the melt enhanced, significantly improve the melt strength of the ABS blow molding, effectively inhibit somatic embryo “vertical extension”, easy to plasticization, giving ABS blow molding excellent surface effect.

Modified filler masterbatch is a versatile type of polymer melt volume enhancer, can satisfy the requirement of molding large industrial hollow blow molding products, for extrusion, blow molding ABS formulation injected new design elements, while addressing the conventional emulsion polymerization synthesis of ultra high molecular weight San to the plasticizing and bulk San melt enhanced shortage, cost price to balance.