One is engaged in blow molding machine plastic molding work of technical personnel and workers, must understand the plastic material. Only to understand the various types of plastic blow molding machine plastic materials,can be applied freely, Selection of raw materials before molding, Or molding process setting, feeding of molding machine, are related to the type of plastic. There are a lot of methods of classification of plastic, commonly used in the following several:

According to the source of plastic is divided into two types

(1) natural resin;

(2) synthetic resin;

According to the plastic production process is divided into four types

Resin based plastic based on chain polymerization reaction. Acid and its copolymers

Resin synthesized by condensation polymerization or stepwise polymerization. Such as phenolic resin, plastic, plastic, plastic, etc..

Plastics based on chemical modification and natural resin. Such as cellulose nitrate, acetate fiber, and recycled fiber, etc..

Plastics based on pyrolysis of natural bitumen and some organic matter at high temperature.

According to the structure of the polymer chain after solidification, the structure is divided into three types

(1) Non crystalline (amorphous);

(2) Semi crystalline;

(3) Crystalline form.

Crystalline science at the time of solidification, There is a crystal nucleus to the formation process of the crystal grain, nylon, poly formaldehyde, and so on. Amorphous plastics in the solidification, No nucleation is formed to the grain growth process of the large molecular chain of the “Chen knot””. For example: polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, organic glass, poly carbonic acid, etc..

According to the reaction of the plastic to the thermal effect is divided into two categories

Thermoplastic plastics;

The thermosetting plastic thermoplastic plastic is characterized in that the plastic is heated and can be softened. The temperature continues to rise when it can be melted and cooled and then returned to the solid state: Blow molding machine this process is reversible, can be repeated several times. For example: polyolefin, polystyrene, polyamide, polypropylene acids, chlorinated polyether, polycarbonate and so on are such plastic: And the characteristic of the hot plastic is that it can be changed into a plastic melt at a certain temperature, However, if the temperature is increased, the heating time is prolonged, the polymer will be crosslinked; If the blow molding machine continues to increase the heating temperature will be decomposed, For example; phenolic plastics, paper based plastic, epoxy resin, furan resin etc. belong to this type of plastic mirror.